About Us


To empower people across the spectrum of the society through accessibility to justice by connecting legal and financial services and spreading awareness of rights among the people.


We are committed to connect people in real time with apt legal and financial experts, across the globe, at an affordable price, while creating an extensive knowledge-base to make common people understand their rights, obligations and responsibilities and staying true to our commitment through constant vigilance.

Our Core Values

Integrity – We shall always be fair and transparent in all our actions and thoughts to rightly achieve our organizational goals.

Security – We shall keep safety and security of all our users and associates on priority at all times.

Confidentiality – We pledge to keep every information and detail coming from our users safe and secure.

Social Commitment – We oblige to stand for righteousness and goodwill of people, communities and the environment we operate in.

Unbiased Approach – We shall always stay committed to impartial processes, independent of external influences at all times.