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internet explorer


Microsoft shuts Internet Explorer

Introduction: Microsoft's Internet Explorer made it’s debut as a web browser on 17 August, 1995. In a cause that the internet became more popular in the 90s, Microsoft’s internet explorer...

work from home


How work from home has affected Internet Speed

Introduction: The turmoil created due to the outbreak of coronavirus has affected almost every strata or class of people in some or the other way. It not only shattered the...


World News

Countries imposing heavy taxes on import goods

If simplified, Tariffs are the taxes which are imposed by the countries to protect the ­­domestic market. They also impose such tariffs to boost their production and their country’s industries....


World News

Top 5 Global Economic Risk Factors

Countries are seen facing heavy debts and recession, and especially in these situations of hardships that Covid-19 has put us through, it is wiser to know what all global economic...


World News

Countries under vaccine trials for Covid-19

Half of the year has already been passed and people are still scared. With one of the worst virus outbreak that was witnessed in human history. Although, it has a...



10 Business Ideas to Kick Start Your Income in Lockdown

The beginning of this year itself had some random and surprising plans lined up on the previous grounds. Well, that might make sense of why we are still stuck in...

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