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stamp duty in Maharashtra

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In its debut budget, the Maharashtra government declared plans for tax concessions. This includes a 1 percent slash of stamp duty and other registration charges of documents in Maharashtra and...

Website Agreement

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Importance of Website Agreement | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions

What is a Website Agreement? A website agreement mentions the terms and conditions of usage. These terms and conditions are followed by website users. Most importantly a web agreement provides...

Food Business

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Food Business Startup in India

The Legal Requirements You Need to Fulfill Opening a Restaurant, Food Manufacturing Company, Takeaway Restaurant, Dhaba or any other food venture is a dream of many. If you are reading...

Reply to Legal Notice

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How to respond to a legal notice, everything you need to know?

With the changing times, contracts and negotiations have become very common. As an individual or firm, you tend to enter into legal commitments with so many companies these days as...

Gift Deed Registration

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Gift Deed Registration Process in India

Meaning of Gift Deed A gift deed is a legal document. It describes the transfer of moveable or immovable property. It is made voluntarily by the owner without any exchange...

Startup Registration

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How to register your startup in India in 2020?

Startup Means A newly established business initiated by an individual or a group of people. It differentiates from others with a unique new product or service which doesn't exist similarly....

What is a Sale Deed?

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Sale deed and agreement for sale, legal significance and objective

When you are buying any property, various legal procedures are needed to be followed. Even a small mistake can cost you dearly as far as the legal aspects are concerned....

registration of partnership firm

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Guide To Registration Of Partnership Firm In India

To start off, what exactly is a Partnership Firm? Moreover, when two or more people decide to co-own a company while also sharing profits and losses it’s a partnership. Furthermore,...

charitable trust registration

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Guide To Charitable Trust Registration In India

If you’re looking for a charitable trust registration, then congratulations. Firstly, for doing the good deed. Secondly, because this article will sort everything out for you. The sole purpose of...

rent agreement

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How To Make A Rent Agreement or Lease Licence in India?

1. What Is A Rental Agreement? If you’ve come across this before you’ll know that getting a rent agreement can be tedious and tiring. Moreover, a rental agreement is a...

incorporation of public company

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Guide To Incorporation Of Public Company In India

To start off, most companies go public when they think they have the potential to grow bigger. Moreover, a Public Limited company has all the perks of a private company....

pvt ltd company registration

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Private Limited Company Registration

1. What Is A Company Registration Registering your company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is company registration. You can register your company under a number of different categories like...

How to register a Copyright in India

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A Guide to Copyright Registration in India

The world is full of creative people. If you’re one of them you should know what a copyright registration is. Copyright registration in India grants you the rights to stop...

Cheque Bounce

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How to process for Cheque Bounce in India?

Cheque Bounce The word bounce is an informal alternative for the word dishonour. A cheque is said to be bounced or dishonoured when it is returned by the bank unpaid....

llp registration

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Guide To LLP Registration In India

LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. Furthermore, an LLP Registration takes place under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. In simple words, LLP limited the liability of partners if the...

licensing agreement

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How To Get A Licensing Agreement In India?

If you're looking for a simple and easy explanation to licensing agreement you're in the right place. Firstly, a license agreement lets a party use the patented goods or services of...

Aadhar card

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What is Aadhar – UID?

A billion people possess an Aadhar card. The majority of them still do not know everything about it or have misconceptions. This article covers everything you need to know about...

link aadhar with pan

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Is Aadhar Card mandatory to avail various services?

The supreme court ruling of September 2018 revoked certain terms of Aadhar Card. The judgement clearly defines the inclusions and exclusions of Aadhar Card. So what are the services which...

Why does India need Aadhar Card

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Why does India need Aadhar Card – UID?

Does India Need Aadhaar Card? You might already possess documents like Pan Card, passport, driver’s licence, etc. which help you in identification. So why do you need an additional document...

Aadhar card

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Is UID Tracking You?

Is UIDAI tracking you?(Aadhar Card) There are a lot of misconceptions about the Aadhar card due to rumors and fake news reports. In this blog, we try to clear up...