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How to Make Money

Making a living through online writing can be challenging. However, there’s always a chance for you to earn well if you challenge yourself and take a step forward. You should have a plan, set your target, and try your best to achieve your goal, while also knowing how to make money.  

Every writer has a chance with Taxolawgy regardless of the skills and years of experience. A content writer earnings also depends on various aspects.

Read on to learn how you can increase your earnings as a freelancer; 

Improve your Writing Skills

One of the essential ways of increasing your earnings is to start developing and enhancing your skills. This helps you work and deliver what your customers require or expect.  

In case you are not confident about the skills to focus on, you can begin with what you’re passionate about. For instance, what you were initially doing before you decided to switch to writing, what you’re good at, and what you think you can offer to the clients. 

It’s easier to be an authority figure, especially if you’re doing or writing something you like. It helps you craft quality articles and adhere to the client’s requirements. Also, your passion or writing skills should address the market needs and provide some value. This explains more on how to make money.

Avoid Writing Content Mills to make money

If your aim is to increase your earnings as a writer, then you should avoid wasting your time writing the content mills. Content mills involve clients or companies that pay freelancers to write a number of articles. 

Such jobs are usually found in a database where the freelancer can accept the job, craft content, and submit for approval and payment. However, the rates of these jobs are extremely low. 

Content mills are only useful if you want to gain more experience as a freelancer. But since you target to make more money, then you should focus on looking for direct clients instead. If you directly work with the clients, you get the full amount they are willing to pay for that particular project. You can as well suggest the amount.  

Raise your Rates 

If you’ve been working with the same clients for some time, then it’s easier to maintain that particular rates even for years. Most of the freelancers are afraid of scaring and losing their loyal clients by asking for pay raise. However, it’s worth taking the chance, especially if you want to make more money. 

Before requesting the client to increase your rates, it’s essential to know his/her budget first. This helps to avoid charging a higher rate that is beyond the budget and the risk of scaring away your loyal clients.

Look for Higher Paying Clients and know how to make money  

Looking for clients who pays well is another strategy of how to make money online. Every freelancer wants a well-paying employer. However, finding them is the most challenging part. 

The first step towards landing on high paying clients is to consider the types of writing. For example, if content writing pays well, then you should look for clients with such jobs. You can as well offer services such as writing reports, website copy, or ghostwriting. 

The best way you can find content writing employers is through networking. You can consider sending proposals and sample to the potential customers. This might also help you build a good working relationship and even win the project. 


As a writer on Taxolawgy, there is always an opportunity to earn more, especially if you’re a determined freelancer. However, this depends on your skills, experience, and ability to produce quality projects. 

So whether you’re just a beginner or have been in this industry for some time, these tips of increasing your earning will help and guide you. 


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