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1) What is Startup India Registration?

A startup could be understood as a newly commenced business usually by an individual or a group of individuals. What makes a start-up different from the other types of businesses is that the start-ups offer a new type of service or product which has not been offered elsewhere or it re-invents an existing product in a manner which is highly upgraded like never before.

Developing countries like India require a push to bloom and prosper. For this, the government of India came up with the scheme – Startup India. This is an initiative taken up by the government of our country to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to give their best shot at increasing their income and provide employability to others as well.

2) Scope of Work

  • Acquiring Documents
  • Filling Application to startup India (DPIIT)
  • Review and rectification of application if required
  • Startup India Certificates

Income tax exemption u/s 80IAC (Separate fees Applicable)

3) Advantages


We all know the pain of running errands from one place to the other for registration purposes. Startup India provides you with a quick and hassle-free way to get your business registered by using your fingertips! All you need is to fill-up the form on the GOI website or it’s a mobile application and submit the required documents.


The government offers many opportunities to grow your business on a national and international level all by yourself. The Startup India scheme will be offering different workshops and will organize 2 fests in a year that will be held on a national and international level for the purpose of levelling up the startup growth.


Startup India offers financial benefits under patent rights as the majority of startups are patent-based. This makes a hole in one’s pocket as the cost for registering a patent is quite high. Under the Startup India flagship, the government has decided to take some financial load off by reducing 80% on patent costs.