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About Taxolawgy Talks

Taxolawgy talks is a platform for learning and sharing the knowledge, ideas and thoughts. Our vision is to inspire people through experiences of those who already have crossed the major milestone in their professional life and for those who believe learning is a life long activity which is essential for continuous growth and development.

Taxolawgy “Multi-billion dollar talks” is associated with industry experts who can change your life with their wisdom.

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World Class Speakers

Get a chance to meet and learn from the world leaders, gain excellent skills and tips to run a business successfully.

Knowledge/ Industry updates

Stay updated with the industry you are working in, gain the knowledge of new signs of progress and future innovations.


Meet people from across the globe, find people who can serve you or can be served by you in any possible manner. After all, getting the right people in, is everything in business.


Got stuck in a business decision?Find the right mentor with handful of industry experience. Ask them your questions and get life-saving solutions.

Ideas & Innovation

Get in touch with the like-minded people to brainstorm on new ideas& innovation, and make it more refine & usable.


Double the bonus for yourself. Gain the knowledge and earn the certificate to make it more credible while also adding value to your profile.


Upcoming Webinar

24th February 2021
India 4.30PM
United Kingdom 11.00PM
Australia 10.00PM
Trevor Merriden

Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Culture Strategist, founder @ Open Brackets Learning

Transform your Thought Leadership from Dull to Delightful

– Transform your understanding of what thought leadership really is – and should be.
– Help you to see how it can directly help you win new clients.
– Show the ways in which great thought leadership can give you a competitive advantage.
– Explain better ways to develop content that are easier, faster and light on your time.
– Help you understand changing customer attitudes through your content and innovate more rapidly.
– Put your business firmly on the fast track to confidence in all your content.

20th January 2021,
11.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Adarsh Raveendra

Co-Founder of Job Bing Infotech, Co-founder of Raveendra Global

Micro Influencing – The next wave towards influencing & personal branding

Responsible for providing oversight and direction for the operations of man power management for major OEM’s and T1 suppliers across North America, Europe & Africa. The primary role is to guide, direct and enhance the manpower needs with strong leadership and direction over various engineering verticals, capital projects, management strategies and arrangements.


9th January 2021, 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Neeraj Shah

LinkedIn Expert | Social Selling Strategist | Digital Marketing Coach | Business Mentor | Business Mastermind | Author | Keynote Speaker | I help consultants win high-value business on LinkedIn

How to Win High-Value Clients Using LinkedIn

In this dynamic 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

– The key principles to become rapidly influential on LinkedIn.
– 5 most important parts of the top 5% of LinkedIn Profiles to attract your top prospects
– The smartest ways to quickly engage your top prospects
– How to quickly turn connections into a lucrative pipeline of high-value clients.

10th December 2020, 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Divya Vashishth

Storyteller, LinkedIn coach, Co- founder at Fankar Personality Institute

LinkedIn Gamification Storytelling Program

Use LinkedIn at its full potential, storytelling skills combined with LinkedIn can do wonders for your business.
– Know why LinkedIn is the best platform for any business.
– How can you sell with storytelling skills?
– What all you can achieve through Storytelling and LinkedIn
– How to increase your followers and generate high paying leads organically on LinkedIn.

12th December, 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Viraj Kalra

Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Culture Strategist, founder @ Open Brackets Learning

New Age Leadership- Must-have Skills for a 2020 Leader by Viraj Kalra

Wants to be an effective leader and influence people with his thoughts, through this program. He will be helping you gain must needed skills like Personal Effectiveness, Executive Presence, Video Presence, 2020 Skills, Change, Innovation, Agility, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Intuitiveness, Influence & Culture.

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